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Irrigation Services in st. Peters 

Sprinkler system installation and repair in St. Charles County

Because water is an essential resource for your landscape, a well-designed irrigation system is crucial for the design of your property. When the team at Landesign Plus builds and services water sprinkler systems, we work hard to ensure that every component maximizes water conservation and cost efficiency.

Even if you are unfamiliar with the ins and outs of irrigation systems, you can rest assured that the St. Charles irrigation service team at Landesign Plus can find the right solution for your home or business. Our lawn care team is ready to keep your lawn beautiful.

To request a free estimate for any of our irrigation installation and sprinkler repair services in Wentzville, contact us online or at (636) 434-1180. Check out our reviews to learn more from our customers!


Our Sprinkler & Irrigation Services In St. Charles County

Our Saint Peters irrigation services include the following:

  • Sprinkler System Repairs: If you have broken irrigation pipes, we can reinstall new polyethylene or PVC where the leaks or breakage has occurred. We can make sure your zoning is operating correctly. And we can provide sprinkler head replacements if they have been damaged.
  • Irrigation System Maintenance: If you want to prepare for the changing seasons or you are concerned your system is not operating to its full potential, we can perform a maintenance check on your system. We will check for problems with the water supply, zone operation, leaks, and controller operation.
  • Backflow Testing: To ensure that your irrigation water is not entering your main water supply, we will test your prevention systems for any issues.
  • Reports to Water Department: We can submit any needed reports to the water department.
  • Design and installation: Based on the unique layout of your property, we can design an irrigation system that will provide maximum coverage at minimum cost.
  • Seasonal inspections: These include checking for leaks, checking water coverage, and ensuring the system is set up for proper watering / times per season.


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Irrigation Design & Installations

When designing the perfect landscape in St. Charles County, Missouri, it’s important to consider the irrigation system that will support it. 

Types of Irrigation Systems

  • Sprinkler Systems: These are one of the most popular and straightforward irrigation systems. They consist of underground pipes with pop-up or stationary sprinkler heads that spray water over the designated area and can be adjusted for coverage and timing.
  • Drip Irrigation Systems: Drip irrigation delivers water directly to the roots of plants through a network of tubes and emitters. It's a highly efficient system as it minimizes water waste through evaporation and runoff. It's ideal for gardens with individual plants, shrubs, or rows of crops.
  • Soaker Hoses: Soaker hoses are porous hoses that allow water to seep out along their length, directly watering the soil along the way. They are particularly useful for garden beds and can be easily laid out among plants.
  • Micro-Spray/Micro-Sprinkler Systems: These systems use low-volume, low-pressure sprinkler heads to deliver water in a fine mist or spray. They are suitable for flower beds, shrubs, and groundcover areas.
  • Rotor or Rotary Heads: These sprinkler heads rotate and cover a large area. They are commonly used in larger lawns or open spaces.
  • Smart Irrigation Systems: Smart irrigation systems that use weather data and soil moisture sensors to adjust watering schedules automatically. These systems help conserve water and ensure that plants receive the right amount of water at the right time.
  • Rainwater Harvesting Systems: While not strictly an irrigation system, rainwater harvesting involves collecting rainwater and storing it for later use in watering plants. This sustainable approach can be integrated with other irrigation methods to reduce reliance on municipal water sources.

When choosing an irrigation system, homeowners should consider factors such as the size of the area to be irrigated, the types of plants being watered, local climate conditions, and water conservation goals. 

Once we have designed an effective irrigation system, our Saint Peters, MO landscapers can install it quickly and efficiently. 

To discuss lawn irrigation options, give us a call or fill out a short form.


Sprinkler Maintenance & Repair Services

Have you noticed that your water bill is higher than usual? Has part or all of your irrigation system stopped working? You may need repairs performed to your system. Whatever the issue may be, our Saint Peters irrigation system repair experts can diagnose the problem and solve it quickly. We also offer routine sprinkler maintenance services to help you keep your system in great shape and avoid the need for sprinkler repairs.

Our Irrigation Maintenance Services Include:

  • Irrigation startup: To prepare your sprinkler or irrigation system for the summer, we can perform a system startup in the spring.
  • Inspections: During an inspection, we will carefully asses every aspect of your system to ensure that everything is working properly. Inspections can be scheduled annually, bi-annually, or as frequently as you would like.

Avoid costly sprinkler system repairs, and schedule maintenance with our team. Give us a call or fill out an online form to chat!

Backflow Testing

Irrigation systems are equipped with a backflow device to protect the water supply from contamination. Backflow can be a serious health risk, which is why it is important to perform regular backflow testing. With backflow testing, we can make sure that fertilizers, pesticides, and other harmful substances are not entering your drinking water supply.

To learn more about our irrigation services in Saint Peters, please call us at (636) 434-1180.

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