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Wentzville Tree & Shrub Health Care

Maintain Healthy Foliage in St. Charles County

The health of your trees and shrubs is a vital part of your landscaping. Keeping your plants healthy requires extensive care and close attention to detail. Let the Wentzville landscaping experts at Landesign Plus service the trees and shrubs on your residential or commercial property.

Our Wentzville tree care services include:

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Yearly Recommended Tree & Shrub Health Care Program

From season to season, there are different ways to promote plant health in your yard. At Landesign Plus, our Wentzville tree care experts offer a comprehensive tree and shrub health care program that includes four separate visits. Each visit is designed to combat a different seasonal problem.

Our yearly tree and shrub maintenance services in Wentzville include a visit in:

  • Early spring (mid-March to mid-April): Designed to control over-wintering eggs, scale, caterpillars, and other sucking insects.
  • Late spring/early summer (May through mid-June): Designed to control aphids, Japanese beetles, leaf miner, and bagworms; includes a fungicide for disease control.
  • Early/late summer (late June through July): Designed to control spider mites, bagworms, powdery mildew, and lace bugs.
  • Late fall (mid-November through December): Deep root fertilizer after the first frost, designed to promote deeper rooting of plants, improved drought stress and disease recovery, and fuller and healthier plants.


We recommend 2 prunes per year for best results.

For shrub pruning, our Wentzville tree care experts pay special attention to shrubs that require shearing to assure that plant material is not obstructing views; growing into road signs, walkways, patios, air conditioners, or electrical boxes; or presenting any potential safety hazard. Flowering shrubs will be pruned after blooming. Any shrubbery requiring special equipment such as a high-lift truck or that cannot be properly trimmed using an 8' stepladder are not covered in our general shrub pruning proposal.

For tree pruning, large trees will have the canopy branches lifted up to a height of seven feet. Ornamental trees will be pruned to maintain the intended plant species form and size while optimizing vigor. Trees that overhang or obstruct vehicular or pedestrian traffic will be pruned additionally. We also provide turf care and irrigation system design for a comprehensive yard treatment.

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